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Paducah, KY  42001 

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 High-Power Rifle Matches

NRA Approves High Power Rifle Matches at JPRPC

The JPR&P High Power Rifle Matches are NRA Approve High Power Rifle Matches and follow the NRA rules as published in the NRA High Power Rifle rulebook.  They are generally held the 2nd weekend of each month.  The shooting season starts in March and ends in October.  The matches begin at 10:00 and usually take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete.  The cost is $20 for adults, $10 for juniors.  It takes approximately 100 rounds to shoot a complete match.  The club has two AR-15s along with several M1 Garands and spotting scopes available for new shooters to use.  Ammo for the AR-15s is available from Shooters Supply while the club will have 30-06 ammo for the Garands at the range.  The "old hands" will be more than happy to help the new shooters get their feet on the ground.  The main objectives are to shoot safely and enjoy the experience.  Just remember, a day on the range beats a good day at work regardless of the score.  

     A brief description of the course of fire starts with the fact that an NRA Approved High Power match consists of 4 stages with each stage generally referred to as a match.  At the JPR&P range, all shots are fired from the covered firing line while the targets are at the 200 yard line.  No scopes are permitted, iron sight only.  For each of the 4 matches the shooter will fire 2 sighting shoots and then 20 rounds for record. 

    The first match is fired from the standing position with each round loaded and fired 1 at a time.  The standing position is also called the offhand position. The 2nd match is the standing to sitting rapid-fire match.  The shooter fires the 2 sighting shots from the sitting position.  The shooter then stands, dropping into the sitting position when the command is given, and fires a 10 round strings in 60 seconds.  A magazine change is required during each string.  The 3rd match is similar to the 2nd but is fired from the prone position and the shooter has 70 seconds for each 10 round string.  For both rapid fire matches the shooter starts in the standing position for each 10 round string, and drops into position at the beginning of the allotted time.  The 4th stage is another slow fire match like the 1st match but fired from the prone position.  There are a few more details, but this is a basic outline of the course of fire for a high power rifle match.  

    The rifle of choice for most high power shooters today seems to be the AR-15 cambered for the 223 round.  The M1 Garand and M1A rifles are still seen on the firing line occasionally.  The really serious shooters tend to use bolt rifles usually chambered for the 308 round like the M1A although a number of other rounds are used as well.  A good scope for seeing the bullet holes at 200 yards is the next most important item.  A shooting mat would be nice but is not essential as the club has a good supply of rugs to use.  Eventually a good shooting coat would also be nice.  As stated above, the club has several scopes as well as two AR-15s and several M1 Garands available for new shooters to use.

This picture shows the off hand position with the shooters wearing shooting coats and the mandatory safety equipment (ear and eye protection).  Note the shooting scopes are behind the shooters from this angle.  Also most shooters use the small plastic ammo boxes to both hold their ammo and keep track of how many rounds they have fired. 

Note the targets at the 200 yard line and the use of the shooting scope and stool in this picture.

This is a picture of a shooter in the prone position.  Note the use of a shooting mat in this position; it really helps the elbows & knees.  Again the scope is behind the shooter in this picture.