Jackson Purchase Rifle & Pistol Club

P. O. Box 862

Paducah, KY 42002-0862



Range Facilities

The ranges, owned and operated by Paducah Shooters Supply, are located behind Paducah Shooters Supply, 3919 Cairo Road, Paducah, KY, 1.5 miles east of 1-24, Exit 3. There are three separate ranges at the Club Range: Pistol, Police, and Rifle, which are available for matches.


Rifle Range - has 20 firing points with provision for 10 additional firing points located on the east side of the Range, if needed. Each firing point has a color-coded table for spotting scopes, firearms, etc. and is mounted on posts that are used for barricade positions in PPC matches.  These firing points are covered, have a concrete floor, and a shelf running the entire back length of the firing point area with a break in the middle for access.

The Range has target frame supports at 25 and 50 yards. The supports at the 25 yard line are mounted on pivots and connected by a power transfer bar to an electro-pneumo-hydrauIic system so that the frames can be turned 90 degrees. The 7 and 15 yard distances are marked by concrete pads. THE READY LINE is all of the area under cover. Use of eye and ear protection is mandatory.

Range set-up for a Silhouette Matches


Police Range - Range No.2 surrounded by berms on four sides, was constructed for police training use Monday through Friday, it reverts back to club use on the weekends. It is used for organized matches and club activities including Combat Handgun, Bowling Pin Handgun, Falling Plates Handgun, and Cowboy Action matches.
The Range has a covered concrete pad - it is not to be used as a firing point. THE READY LINE on this Range is defined and identified for each particular activity by the Range Safety Officer. To the west of the gated entrance is a storage shed and covered concrete pad.