Jackson Purchase Rifle & Pistol Club

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Paducah, KY 42002-0862



 Jackson Purchase Rifle and Pistol Club History

This year marks a new chapter in the life of the Jackson Purchase Rifle and Pistol Club. It is an opportunity to expand into new activities as well as revisits those of many years past. Below is a short history for those who are new or relatively new to JPRPC.

 In 1981, JPRPC began as Tri-State Gun Club to provide an organization and a facility for rifle and pistol shooting sports in the Paducah area. Kenneth Mabry was elected its first president and served for two years. Under his administration, the Club consulted with the National Rifle Association about organization, range requirements, etc. February 11, 1982, the Club applied to NRA to be affiliated as The Tri-State Rifle and Pistol Club and was incorporated March 25, 1982.

 Before moving to the current location, the club used a gravel pit between Cairo and Ogden Landing Roads. As it was subject to vandalism, the Club moved to the TVA-Pistol Range below Kentucky Dam Village but found the drive too far for many of the members.

 1983 was an important year. Fred McCutchen offered to lease 18 acres of his farm and has been the site since. He and his son Lynn planted the pines to give shade to the cattle, shade that has been most appreciated on many a hot match day. Five concrete shooting benches were poured making possible the first match; rimfire bench rest. Several impromptu, rapid-fire, fun-type pistol matches were held on the Rifle Range that fall. And, the Club changed its name to JPRPC, as NRA requested the change stating so many clubs were named Tri-State.

 The Pistol Range was built the next year, target turning system fabricatd and Conventional Outdoor Pistol (Bullseye or 2700), Practical Pistol Competition (PPC), and NRA sanctioned High Power Rifle matches were held. The latter permitted participants to apply to DCM to purchase a surplus M-1 rifle. Ask a long time member about the ‘Mud Matches’ for fun early stories.

 Subsequent years saw the inclusion of Vintage High Power Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, Rimfire Pistol and Big Bore Silhouette(IHMSA), and Action(Combat), Bowling Pin Pistol, Conventional Outdoor, and Falling Plates Pistol matches.

JPRPC received the NRA President’s Award 1986-1991 and Outstanding Club Award in 1989. The Junior Club received NRA Outstanding Junior Club Award in 1996, the first year it was presented.

The match schedule of the Club has  included:

  • High Power Rifle,

  • Vintage High Power Rifle,

  • Small Bore Rifle,

  • Rimfire Pistol Silhouette (IHMSA),

  • Action (Combat) Pistol,

  • Bowling Pin Pistol,

  • Falling Plates Pistol,

  • PPC, Conventional

  • Outdoor Pistol,

  • Annual charity match. 

Other matches in other shooting disciplines may be scheduled at membership request.

Junior Club History

The Junior Club for members 10 through 20 years of age was organized in 1984. Small bore rifle practice sessions for the Juniors were held each Saturday morning during the shooting season.  Recently, the sessions have moved to Monday.

In 1985 the West Kentucky Rifle and Pistol Club, Hopkinsville, dissolved and gave its residual treasury to the Junior club. 

The Paducah Fraternal Order of Police Lodge made a sizable contribution to the Junior Club that year as well.  The VFW Post #1911, has in recent years, made financial contributions to the junior Club. A portion of the CCDW fees are donated to the Junior Club.

The NRA Outstanding Junior Award was won in 1996, the initial year the award was made by NRA to a junior club.


[PLEASE NOTE: The Junior Club is no longer sponsored by JPRPC]