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High-Power Match participants 3/21/2020

Getting the High-Power Matches back in swing for 2020 -- with a bang! (Well, many bangs, actually.)

At the High-Power Match 3/21/2020

JPRPCs Robert Cantrell doing an "Elbow Greet" with High-Power winner Mark Richard

At the High-Power Match 3/21/2020

Gear-check time at the High-Power Match

<<< At Left: An official NRA target from an NRA match in early 2020 at Camp Attenbury, showing above High-Power JPRPC match winner Mark Richard's unreal 300-yard group.


Mark set his club record with score of 100-7x -- that's at 300 yards!



The JPRPC 2020-2021 officers (above) were installed at the March 9, 2020 meeting.


From left to right: Mike Turner - 1st VP, Glen Newtown - Membership, Richard Roof - Treasurer, Carolyn Roof - Secretary, and Ken Stanly, President.



JPRPC President Ken Stanley presented Robert Cantrell the Member of the Year and Certificate on March 9, 2020 -- for Great Deeds above and beyond the call of duty to the Club!

Robert is not only Hi-Power Discipline Chair, he found us a new ‘home’ for our meetings; makes sure that it is set up each month; and has given about half of our programs last year. All of which have been educational, interesting and fun.

--> And We're Darn Tootin' about that, Pardners!

Presentation at JPRPC meeting of 3/9/2020:


Hi-Power wiz, Ashley McDowell, as Program Presenter at the March 9 2020 JPRPC Meeting.


Ashley became interested in shooting from her father and asked to see a Hi-Power Match. Now a fan of Hi-power, she is outshooting all but one of the seasoned male shooters -- who are among her greatest fans and supporters!



Ashley, hard-at-work on the Rifle Range
(See more captioned pics below)

Presentation at JPRPC meeting of 2/27/2020:

Dr. Brad Rankin as presenter: Posing as Revolutionary War Militiaman - and scouting the horizon with his trusty Kentucky Long Rifle!

"Finally got a bead on him!"

Presentation at JPRPC meeting of 2/27/2020 (cont.)

The American Revolution Continental Army uniform - 'You'll REALLY sweat in this thing during a summer skirmish!'


Some of the Revolutionary War re-enactment gear - fabulous stuff!

Rick Reichert receiving Vintage High Aggregate award from JPRPC President Ken Stanley at JPRPC Christmas Pot Luck meeting 12/9/2019

-- Now THAT'S darn good shootin' for the year! --

"I need the range time - I try-out for the Texas Rangers next week!"

Ashley pic #1

"I DO like pistols, but THIS is awesome!"

Ashley pic #2

"That AR-15 shoots pretty good, too!"

Ashley pic #3

"Can't decide whether I like bolt-action better than semi-auto -- guess I'll shoot both!"

"Buddies, this ain't golf!"

And THIS is how a "Dead Frog" shoots!

CR with RR's Glock" "Sorry, but this is MINE now"
(OMG, look at those head shots...!)

At a Falling Plate match - 'Two more,
and I win the Porsche!' (LOL)

The Ladies Love to Shoot too, you know! #1
(and look at the bulls-eyes on that target...!)

The Ladies Love to Shoot too, you know! #2

Granddaughter ain't gonna be left out of the fun!
(and if you look close, there's  a bunch grouped around the bullseye: Don't mess with KY!)

Look out Captain America -- another Avenger!


"Daniel Boone got nothin' on me!"

500 yards oughta' do it!

September, 2014 Matches at JPRPC

September, 2014 Matches at JPRPC

September, 2014 Matches at JPRPC

Below: Pictures from previous Matches and Events (including The Ice Storm...)

The Great Ice Storm of 2009 #1

The Great Ice Storm of 2009 #2

The Great Ice Storm of 2009 #3